Lima’s Very Best Art Museum | The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

In the quaint area of Barranco, an oceanside neighborhood in Lima, you’l find many museums filled with interesting art and artifacts to explore. But, one stands out as the best in the area – the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. The museum is spread over a grassy area landscaped with beautiful flowers, ponds and mature trees. The indoor/outdoor rooms are lined with glass which makes the space feel open and easily traversed. Sculpture, paintings, installations and more hold their mark as visitors are led through each space. Peruvian artists are the focus and color is prevalent. When you’re through, you can visit the on-site organic cafe serving homemade ice cream, artisan coffee and more. This is a must-visit for any Lima tourist, or local for that matter. It would be dreadful to miss it.