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London’s Chicest Tea Experience | The Palm Court At The Ritz


Ritz Tea - London - 1

London is a city that is full of tea experiences. A culture that looks to tea time as a staple in its day, one that can be as simple as poring a yourself a single cup at home, or going all-out on an extravagant moment that includes champagne, the crispiest of scones and the sweetest of pastries money can buy. But, which one is the best? If you’re visiting London this year, you can only choose The Palm Court at The Ritz.

Ritz Tea - London - 2

I have truly been fortunate in that i have experienced various teas around London for years. Many of them were good, but, for many reasons, The Ritz stands out. Not only is The Palm Court a stunning room in one of the cities most iconic hotels, but the service, tea, food and ambiance is next level.

I visited the hotel recently and, of course, dressed for the occasion. Stepping inside, I was escorted to the entrance to The Palm Court, where my name was taken and I was shown right to my table. One must remember, tea here is not a casual affair. Men should arrive in a jacket with tie, and women should be at their best. No denim, please. But, that is what makes this place special, and oh so civilized.

Ritz Tea - London - 3

I’m a bit of a rebel, as most choose an English breakfast, Assam, Ceylon or other mixture. I, personally, love green or white tea, so, that is what I chose. The silver strainers, pots and tiers of baked goods arrived promptly. A procession of staff made contact with me to  ensure all was well, topping-off my champagne glass with each sip.

I spent about an hour here, taking-in the environment and enjoying myself. With each cup of tea and with each bite into the perfect scone smothered on fresh cream and homemade preserves, I intentionally slowed it down – as not to rush the experience. As I left, I felt lifted, different and satisfied on so many levels. For anyone in London this year, if tea is on your itinerary (as it should be), choose The Ritz.