London’s Leading Equipment Rental For Babies Traveling In Style | Airtots

Air Tots

Airtots is London’s leading service to call-upon when traveling to the city with your baby and family in tow. Oftentimes, when families travel and decide to rent a flat, apartment or home – the biggest challenge is locating the same objects and, really, necessities that exist in the comfort of your own home. And, let’s face it, comfort is a luxury and something everyone seeks when traveling. When traveling with baby, especially overseas, it’s essential to keep their environment as stable and similar to the routine they have at home – to keep both baby and parents happy.

The equipment rental service takes care of supplying you with everything you and your baby needs for a comfortable stay – and one where you can truly live like a local. Airtots will deliver, for free, new cribs, brand new strollers, car seats, sheets, electronic monitors, sound machines, high chairs and more. They will set them up, organize and break them down – all for a reasonable rental price.

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On a recent trip to London, we rented through them to experience their service and to keep a baby who was traveling with us, as happy as could be. The team at Airtots pointed us to their website to order our desired equipment, and, on the day of our arrival, the equipment was delivered promptly – minutes after we unpacked – and was set up for use within 30 minutes. We rented a crib, a gorgeous stroller with shocks so good the baby didn’t feel one bump on London’s cobbled streets, a highchair, car seat and bath toys.

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Airtots is a unique, niche and amazing service that every traveling family has to experience while in London. Whether you’re arriving to the city from the United States, other parts of Europe or elsewhere, you’ll be happy you contacted them.