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Love From Lismore | Benvenuti Vineyards


Outside of the picturesque Istrian village of Motovun is a family-owned and operated vineyard that produces a uniquely Croatian red wine variety, Teran. The three grape varieties grown on the vineyard: Malvasia Istriana, Teran and Muscat are all unique and different – but the Teran stands out as a winner and homage to its mother country where the grape thrives.

Family values and tradition are the key attributes of Benvenuti wines. They are the foundation upon which the vineyard produces their wines. The grape varieties reflect the abundance of the Benvenuti vineyards, located in several specific “micro-locations”. One of these, San Salvatore, is at the heart of the vineyard’s varieties. The terraced configuration and the white soil, along with the micro-climate, give the grapes character which translates to very mineral, fresh wines, fully expressive of the characteristics of the varieties. These characteristics are seen in all of their wines, from basic to aged Malvasias to harmonious Terans.

We hosted an event recently at the stunning Lismore Castle in Lismore, Ireland. The elegant and infinite affair saw 28 guests, all red wine lovers, who were introduced to different wine varieties from across the globe. Benvenuti offered their Teran and it was a hit. One of the key Croatian red varieties, and the most important Istrian red variety, Teran holds a special place in the Benvenuti wine history. This wine comes from the vineyards in Španjole, at 300 meters above sea. Fresh and complex, Teran has a harmonious structure and acidity that provides for lots of aging potential. The Teran, from 2013, was aged in oak for 24 months, following a 20-day maceration and only 6,000 bottles were produced.

The Teran was served with local Irish lamb, grass-fed beef and small Cornish game hens. Benvenuti’s family-run operation and their small-batch wines were the perfect complement to the event at Lismore.