A Farm To Table Dining Experience Above All Others In Stockholm, Sweden | Restaurant LUX Dag för Dag

On the tiny residential island of Lilla Essingen, about 15 minutes from central Stockholm, a small restaurant sits in a rehabbed brick building which sits against the lapping shores of the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. The restaurant, LUX Dag för Dag, recently moved to the location after being reincarnated from a Michelin-starred palace of culinary tradition once located at Stockholm’s center. The new look and take, is an effort to offer the same quality of food in a much more relaxed and informal setting. The effort has paid off and is being led by creative food director, Henrik Norström. 

The premise of LUX is extreme “farm to table” cuisine. The owners know every farmer and fisherman who deliver the ingredients directly to their door. They work with farms near to the city that specialize in organic poultry, pigeon, duck, and the freshest vegetables anyone could ever imagine. They rely on one fisherman who fishes the pristine Baltic waters near the city to provide crayfish, pike-trout and other marine-life for whatever inventive recipe the chef has dreamed-up. It all feels very detail-oriented an thought-out. The owner’s sister has even made the ceramic teapots and teacups for after dinner tea to accompany your dessert. This is truly a home-spun establishment at its best.

Dining at LUX is a wonderful experience. The waiters are dressed with a hipster-esque flair, donning denim shirts and white aprons tied around their waist. They greet you with a smile and maintaining an attitude of service is their priority. They are attentive and warm, often suggesting their favorites from the menu which you may, too, enjoy. I dined on an appetizer of local crayfish paired with a cheese tart, a delicacy this time of year, seasoned with dill and lemon. I also experienced the delicious pike-trout done with charred cauliflower, as well as wild pigeon breast accented with wild-foraged mushrooms. Dessert was fantastic. I gobbled-up a wild blueberry mousse garnished with wild blueberries and a lemon gel made from the entire lemon.

LUX is a unique experience for any foodie interested in “farm-to-table” cuisine executed on the highest level. It’s elegant, quiet and keeps the focus on the food. All that surrounds you, from the lapping waves outside to the countrified wooden-interior inside, reminds you that nature has all the answers, and flavors. This is one food destination any visitor to Stockholm cannot miss.