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New York’s Premiere Flower Resource | Mahir Floral And Event Design

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Mahir Floral and Event Design is a well-known flower operation in New York City. It’s well-known for not just the attention and care they put into every arrangement and event, but for the use of some of the world’s top blooms – searching high and low for only the best to use in their studio. They are charged daily with creating fantastic environments for some of the most high-profile events and spaces in Manhattan. And, they never fail to exceed their clients’ expectations.

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We worked with them recently to create three custom arrangements for a small, but luxurious space in New York. We instructed them to use their creativity and to showcase what they do best – geometric and sculptural arrangements that draw you in, immediately. They chose beautiful creams and whites, roses and orchids; as well as bright purples and pinks to add a pop of color. They were absolutely stunning.

Whether you contact Mahir for something small, or to outfit and entire ballroom at The Four Seasons Hotel Uptown, there’s nothing that won’t make you happy about what they create

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We spoke with Mahir Floral and Event Design owner and creative director, Abu Pabel, to speak about their ethos and the way they approach their work on a daily basis.

IC: Why and how was Mahir Floral Events founded?

AP: I have been working in the floral industry for last 25 years. I have worked with different well-known companies and designers and after 20 years I have decided to create my own company. This business was formerly known as Garden District. I took over the business about 6 years back and rebranded it as Mahir Floral and Event Designs with a completely new look and contemporary design and excellent customer service as top priority. Now, here we are turning clients’ dreams into reality!

IC: What are your favorite three flowers to work with and why?

AP: I love all flowers but if I have to pick three, I would go with the Vanda Orchid, Calla lily and Peony. Why? I love the color, shape and texture. Each has it’s unique quality.

IC: What has been the most interesting or unusual floral event you’ve worked on?

AP: Each and every event I do is very close to my heart. Each has their own challenge and beauty to it. I cannot pick one.

IC: What makes you different in the New York City floral design scene?

AP: The design and execution of the concept itself makes us different.

IC: What tips do you have on keeping flowers at home alive as long as possible?

AP: Simply keep the water clean.

IC: What is your company ethos when designing florals?

AP: A minimalist and modern look.

IC: Where does your biggest inspiration come from?

AP: I pick up inspiration from the endless beauty of nature all the time and you can’t have enough!