Malta’s Chicest Palace Hotel

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Situated in a 17th Century palace in the historic center of Malta’s city of Mdina, the Xara Palace is an elegant oasis in which to base yourself while exploring the region. The exterior blends well with its surroundings. Dust-colored stone has created the look of the city of Mdina, and this palace is an ornate, sculpted, baroque masterpiece that anchors the charming street on which it’s built. Inside, you’ll find a sumptuous hotel experience calling your name.

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Entering the Xara Palace you’ll notice, in an instant, the calm and quiet that envelopes the space. 17 beautiful rooms and suites are scattered throughout its halls and open floors – which are decorated individually with Parisian, British and Maltese antiques that have made their way to a new, eclectic home in the middle of the Mediterranean. The center of the hotel is an open, sunlit courtyard with stairwells and corridors that shoot-off in varying directions.

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As you make your way up the stairs, or up the elevator, you will come to impressively large halls that are furnished with period paintings, Oriental rugs and beautiful, large doors that lead into huge suites offering everything one might need for a comfortable and cozy “home away from home” experience.

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Inside the rooms, you’ll find coffee and tea makers, televisions, computer desks, living areas for relaxation, ample closets and well-appointed bathrooms. You can literally just stay in the room and look out the window at your view of the countryside and never leave.

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What I like most about this hotel is the rooftop restaurant, de Mondion. This gourmet dining treasure is one of the best on the island, and allows you commanding views of the city of Mdina and further afield over the open fields. Led by Chef Kevin Bonello, diners are invited to relax and dine alfresco on regional and international specialties. Each dish is individually thought-out and executed well. There are many plates that are influenced by the sea – which isn’t surprising since the restaurant operates on an island surrounded by the deep blue. If you’re staying at Xara Palace or somewhere else on the island – this spot is a “must” for any foodie.

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Xara Palara Hotel De Mondion Restaurant - Malta - 2

My overall experience at the Xara Palace was excellent. I was impressed with the location, décor, food and service. The charming owners frequent the hotel and you will likely meet them running about the lobby tending to business matters. Everyone here will greet you with a warm smile and that’s exactly how you’ll leave after a few days here – with a big smile on your own face.