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London’s Best Manicure and Pedicure | Margaret Dabbs

The name Margaret Dabbs, in London, is synonymous with the idea of clean and beautiful feet. Boasting locations across the city and a clientele that reads like a who’s who of town – getting a medical pedicure here is an experience like none other. I was lucky enough to score an appointment at the location in Notting Hill and was treated by two senior technicians in the private treatment room. Margaret Dabbs is not a foot factory but a sanctuary that invites you in for a real look at your feet – the good, bad and ugly. What is special about the experience is that the podiatrist (yes, podiatrist) that is treating you looks at the health of your nails, foot alignment, and gait to address your nail growth and comfort through a medical approach.

I was greeted warmly by the team at Margaret Dabbs and led to the treatment room with no wait at all. The technicians working on my hands and feet introduced themselves and began analyzing my hands and feet. As someone who tries to keep those extremities in shape to the best of my ability, I was confident in what they were looking at but knew there was work to be done. I was told that the reason one of my toenails grew this way was due to my stance and the reason I had an issue with toe pain on another foot was due to the way I walk. But, there are solutions to be had and tips are given to realign and correct the issues at hand.

Glass files were used on my hands and feet along with special tools you’d find in a podiatrist’s office. Because the manicures and pedicures are performed through a medical lens, you can trust that the very best is being done for aesthetics and function. I absolutely loved it. Of course, because you’re at Margaret Dabbs, you can expect the use of her miraculous foot creams, hand serums, and scrubs to exfoliate dead skin and lock in moisture. I honestly use a variety of these types of products at home but have never seen anything like her products. Each one is so effective, that it truly extends the life of your manicure or pedicure.

For anyone visiting London in the near future, and to get Spring and Summer ready, I recommend paying Margaret Dabbs a visit. She offers over 10 clinics in the UK and Scotland, as well as locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Madrid. You’ll never settle for a regular manicure or pedicure again.