What To Do In Marrakech | A Visit To The Historic Medina

A visit to Marrakech, Morocco is not complete without a stop in its beautiful and historic medina. The medina is a place where you can spend days discovering stalls which sell everything from spices to leather, pastries to rare antiques. The medina is full of twists and turns which are fun to get lost in. The small alleys are littered with shops offering opportunities to locate that unique treasure you’ve always dreamt of. In the main square outside of the medina, you will find snake charmers playing for black cobras, monkeys and carts selling the most delicious orange juice you’ve ever tasted.

Be sure to come with your bargaining skills in-check, as no price is fixed here and the local culture is one of haggling for the best deal. The sights, sounds and smells of the medina will enchant you, leaving you wanting more.