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Located just a hop from convenient Grand Central Station in New York City, MedSpa 44 is New York’s top spot for focused and tailored Ultherapy treatments. For those of you who don’t know what Ultherapy is just yet, it’s a revolutionary treatment that targets skin laxity, and is the only FDA-approved non-surgical facelift on the market. The results are astounding and they help you achieve a tighter, more sculpted face – defining your cheekbones, jawline and lifting your skin back into place where it once was.

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There are many places that offer Ultherapy, so what makes the difference between a good and a great experience? The facility and the technician make all the difference, and they’re not all created equal. MedSpa 44 offers a slew of services, but their elegant and calming space is the perfect place to unwind and find comfort during a procedure that can last up to two hours. The lead technician at MedSpa 44, Carmen, has worked in the industry for decades and has performed thousands of Ultherapy treatments. Her skill at analyzing your face and finding areas to target, is superb. With her skilled hand and ability to customize the treatment for areas that need more TLC than others, your treatment is very specialized.

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On the day of my procedure, I arrived and Carmen analyzed my face. I took two Advil prior to the appointment and was offered something to calm my nerves and relax me. I accepted and Carmen got to work. She was patient throughout the entire procedure and took her time around my problem areas. She focused on my jawline, neck, brows and eyes. It wasn’t a comfortable procedure, but it wasn’t painful either. I left the office without so much as redness or swelling and went about my day normally. I felt guided through the entire process and safe, which is important.

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Ultherapy begins to take effect immediately, but your skin will slowly tighten over a period of 6 months, so patience is key. Carmen explained all of this to me and made sure I was well-educated on the subject. I enjoyed MedSpaa 44’s service-oriented practices and approach towards clients. For anyone in New York looking for a treatment that will yield dramatic results and a technician who is extremely knowledgeable, please see Carmen at MedSpa44 for Ultherapy. You won’t regret it. I will be documenting my results at the 6-month mark, and you’ll see just how effective Ultherapy is.

Photos provided by Merz Aesthetics