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Michel Cluizel | A Low-Profile Gem For Chocoholics Everywhere

Michel Cluizel is a family owned operation. The French chocolate makers have been in the business of churning out expertly crafted morsels of heaven since 1948. At their headquarters in Damville, Normandy, France, the family lingers over every decision and ingredient, all in an effort to make a product that has a place of its own in the global market.

I visited the 5th Avenue flagship store in New York City recently to learn more and sample some of what Michel Cluizel has to offer. On a busy corner, I found a quiet and serene storefront that smelled of nougat, coffee and, of course, chocolate from the moment I stepped in. Instantly I saw glass covered counters which guarded the prized sweets from touch but left the eye to absorb the magic of chocolate dipped fruit, bonbons, cacao dusted caramels, milk chocolate nougat, truffles, praline, gianduja, marzipan and ganache. It was sensory overload in the best of ways.

I glided slowly past each section salivating over what would soon be in my hand and in my mouth. The manager of the store assisted in selecting a smattering of choices from the collections. I chose their world-famous praline which features roasted nuts, an extra step most chocolatiers don’t take due to expense. It makes a difference. I also indulged in pure dark, coffee-infused bonbons and two truffles. Each bite was rich and flavorful, making an impact. I sipped an espresso from their bar while enjoying the treats.

What is noticeable at Michel Cluizel is that every detail of the chocolate is paid respect. There is no misstep, no cutting corners – and it shows. I appreciate companies who take the extra time and expense in making sure their product is a true reflection of their core values. As a customer, I could feel that. For an true chocolate connoisseur, Michel Cluizel will not disappoint.