What To Do In Tenerife | Mojo Making High In The Hills

One of the most fun and special experiences to take part in on the island of Tenerife is making mojo with a local chef. The completely rounded experience allows you to immerse yourself in the culture by taking part in the creation of one of the region’s specialties. Mojo is a sauce, green or red, that is a staple of the people of Tenerife. The healthy concoction consists of garlic, olive oil, sunflower oil, salt, cilantro (for green mojo), cumin, paprika and peppers. The ingredients are ground by hand with a pestle and mortar, and served as a sauce that accompanies delicious Canarian potatoes. Not only is the sauce healthy and tasty, but easy to make. It can be added to fish, meat, vegetables or pretty much anything else you’d like. A trip to Tenerife isn’t complete without learning how to make mojo. Below is a recipe for this incredible sauce.

Red Mojo Recipe

Peel and section one whole, small clove of garlic and place in the mortar 
Add 1 large table-spoon of cumin powder 
Add 1 large tea-spoon of paprika 
Add 1 large tea-spoon of sea-salt 
Add one part olive-oil, one part sunflower oil and grind ingredients with pestle into a smooth paste 
Add 1/2 a red pepper (spicy or mild), finely chopped, and grind with pestle
Add another 1/2 a red pepper, finely chopped, and grind with pestle
Add more olive oil to taste to dilute spiciness to your liking

Serve the mojo as a dipping sauce for bread, potatoes or as a condiment for fish, meat or rice.