Monaco’s Best Beauty Treatment | A Pedicure At Bastien Gonzalez Inside Hotel Metropole

Bastien Gonzalez is the world’s preeminent empresario of feet, and one of the best experiences you can have in Monaco is a pedicure inside his studio at Hotel Metropole. Located inside of the hotel’s ESPA spa complex, you will find a small area dedicated to serious hand and foot care. Bastien Gonzalez and Hotel Metropole have partnered to bring both guests and visitors to Monaco an unrivaled experience in the maintenance of feet and hands – unlike anywhere else in the world.

Mr. Gonzalez is truly an inspirational person. Having started his empire in Paris years ago with a small studio dedicated to foot care, he revolutionized the industry by taking a medical approach to the ritual of a pedicure. This is a serious endeavor – not something you can find in a typical nail spa. Instead, Mr. Gonzalez employs an army of trained podiatrists who know the anatomy of the feet inside and out. They approach you as a doctor, never underestimating the heath of your foot’s delicate skin, cuticles and nails.

I had an appointment booked at the new studio where I was met by my podiatrist. He was the most delightful man from Paris who believes strongly in the power of the Bastien Gonzalez pedicure. He explained, in detail, why the pedicure was revolutionary and how it differs from others. Firstly, Mr. Gonzalez has developed a series of handmade tools which include a nail file constructed entirely from glass, a natural horn nail buffer and at-home maintenance products to help your pedicure last longer. Each one has a specific purpose and reason for development.

My podiatrist used all of these on me. The pedicure is a “dry” experience as Mr. Gonzalez believes that water changes the skin and halts the ability of your podiatrist to really see what condition your skin and nails are in. Over an hour’s time, I received a clipping, filing, light grinding and buffing. It ended with a delightful 10-minute massage with my chair shifted into a flat bed for relaxation. The experience was truly an hour of heaven and helped me gain a new respect for my feet and those who work with them.

My feet were left glowing and, the best part of all, is that the results lasted four weeks. If you’re in Monaco or in one of the many other locations around the world where Bastian Gonzalez pedicures are offered, do yourself a favor and indulge.