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My Villa In St. Barth is one of our new favorite luxury villa rental services, and the best on the idyllic French island of St. Barth. Many know this island as THE spot to enjoy a luxe holiday while soaking-in Caribbean breezes, French culture and shopping some of the best boutiques and stores in the region. We love it for its famed beaches and delicious food. And, turning to My Villa In St. Barth helped us conceptualize a journey that would raise the bar for all the others we’ve experienced in quite some time.

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My Villa In St. Barth is a family-owned affair, headed by Monique Turbe and her team. The company approaches each guest experience as if its tailoring a trip of a lifetime, assembling a stay with local experiences that will leave guests wowed and ready to return year after year. We turned to Monique who helped us identify two villas for our nearly week-long visit. The first, was Villa Amancaya.

This villa is a showstopper and one of the very best in a collection of villas that would have the potential to make any island-lover drop their jaw in amazement. Pulling-in off what is a very steep hillside, you would never imagine what you’d find behind the unassuming gates that flank the property.

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A hidden garden oasis awaits with a magical calm that falls over every square inch of the property. Villa Amancaya is an impressive seven-bedroom dwelling made-up of two villas that have been designed with a chic, elegant-island style and a touch of Southeast Asian influence. Around the lawns you will spot gorgeous statues of Buddha and crisply manicured gardens where local residents, a gaggle of turtles, awaits your arrival.

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The villa offers an open-air floor plan with two bedrooms in the main house, living area, kitchen and deck with infinity pool, exercise pavilion, massage table and stunning views of the mountainside and open sea. Off to the side is another dwelling with private outdoor seating area and two master bedrooms. Up a small slope you’ll find yet another dwelling,a small villa, with three more bedrooms and private pool – perfect for a nanny and children or another family traveling with you.

The property is perfect for groups or families, and offers a full-time concierge, housekeeping service and daily breakfast preparation. Of course, My Villa In St. Barth can coordinate everything from a private chef to excursions like catamaran sailing, like they did for us, with Top Lock Rentals. They will help you gain access to private and hidden parts of the island that others might not even know about.

We stayed at Villa Amancaya for three days, which was enough to feel the space and miss it when we left. Everything was indeed flawless and the services provided by My Villa In St. Barths – perfect. They picked-us up from the airport, introduced us to the villa, pre-stocked the refrigerator with food from local food-preparation service, Chefs X.O., and organized a small itinerary of suggestions on the island. They even offered to make reservations for dinner or call ahead to inform people of our arrival at restaurants and nightclubs.

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After three nights at Villa Amancaya, we moved to another beautiful villa in My Villa In St. Barth’ collection – Villa Lenalee. This four-bedroom property is owned by Monique Turbe and is a modern masterpiece in Flammands. It has commanding views over the hillside and sea, and stretches over multiple levels for the ultimate in privacy with an eat-in kitchen, dining room, deck, pool area with waterfall and four bedrooms that are all unique in design.

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We stayed at Villa Lenalee for two nights and enjoyed every minute. The services available at Amancaya followed us here as well, and we used the opportunity to get to know a completely different part of the island. This elegant yet casual villa was the perfect home base to enjoy the sun and lay by the waterfall with a good book.

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Over the course of five days we had the opportunity to experience all the services offered by My Villa In St. Barths through two of their exceptional villas. With their unique property offerings, incredible service, kind staff and delightful owner – we were so very impressed by the entire operation. For anyone seeking a truly service-oriented and luxurious holiday on the island of St. Barth, look no further than My Villa In St. Barth.