New Fragrances In Fashion | Annick Goutal’s L’Ile Au Thé

When a change of season hits, it’s always appropriate try a new fragrance. And, from the incredibly large selection on the market, sometimes it’s difficult to wade-through the options. Looking for the very best requires knowledge of the current fragrance landscape, the quality of ingredients used by different fragrance houses and the level of thought put  into a particular scent’s creation. In the spirit of all mentioned above, we look to the iconic brand, Annick Goutal, and their new offering, L’Ile au Thé.

L’ile au Thé is an olfactory journey to the unique South Korean island of Jeju. Long hailed as a paradise by both Koreans and the international jet-set, Jeju is a unique place as it blends a multitude of climates and topographies together to create a world that is truly special in Northern Asia. The fragrance captures the magic of blending inspirations from fields of green tea, salty ocean breezes, blooming osmanthus and orchards filled with mandarin trees. Marine and earthy notes sit well with the bright and crisp citrus.

Appropriate for both men and women as a fantastic gender-neutral fragrance option, L’ile au Thé is our pick for the best new fragrance on the market this year. It’s perfect for spring days and summer nights and can carry you from a rooftop party in New York to a boat ride through the Mediterranean. This is a true moment for Annick Goutal and is surely to be a beloved edition to their already broad range of offerings.