New York’s Top Medical And Cosmetic Dermatologist | Dr. Sobel

Dr. Howard Sobel

Dr. Sobel (known fully as Dr. Howard Sobel) is Manhattan’s top medical and cosmetic dermatologist. Dr. Sobel is the perfect hybrid between a doctor and artist, someone who takes the time to listen to each patient he encounters, analyze their skin and face and recommend the appropriate treatment to enhance their appearance and, indirectly, their confidence.

An esteemed doctor who graduated from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Dr. Sobel is not only a dermatologist who specializes in the latest treatments like filler, lasers and fat removal, but he is also a surgeon. He tackles everything from varicose veins to the removal of skin cancer. Inside his beautiful office, just off Park Avenue in New York City, patients gain access to the latest toys and gadgets in the world of dermatology. And, the amount of gadgets Dr. Sobel has on offer is astounding.

Dr. Howard Sobel

I am a patient of Dr. Sobel’s and he and his team showed me around his office, highlighting his latest treatments like PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for hair restoration (a treatment where your blood is spun and protein-rich cells are injected into your scalp, stimulating natural hair growth). Dr. Sobel is an expert at fillers, using everything from Radiesse to Belotero. He can sculpt your cheek bones, lift your sagging facial skin and give you a jawline that would make superman jealous. The sky’s the limit.

But, what I love most about Dr. Sobel and what makes him so great, is his kind bedside manner, willingness to listen and commitment to helping his patients achieve their beauty’s fullest potential. For anyone looking to improve their appearance, and rely on only the best, go see Dr. Sobel.