Nirvana For Food Lovers | The Lotte Food Hall

As a food and shopping lover, there’s always the challenge of finding the perfect places while traveling where you can indulge in the local cuisine while simultaneously not lose momentum during inevitable retail binges. Enter the food hall at the Lotte Department Store in the Lotte Hotel. Known for their many hotel locations throughout Seoul, the Lotte brand is synonymous with luxury and business travel. But, to me, the most incredible place the company has built is the food hall.

Outfitted in marble and filled with purveyors selling everything from fresh kimchi to green tea from Jeju island, shoppers can find anything and everything needed to keep their inner gourmand content. Perfect melons wrapped in pink bows and purple tissue paper, mahogany chestnuts in luscious heaps, fresh blue crabs from the sea – every corner is a feast for your eyes and stomach. There are even food stalls and restaurants within the hall where one can sit and enjoy a meal of any international cuisine. If you come to Seoul, this is a “must” – even just to see it firsthand. Think along the lines of Harrods of London or Takashimaya of Tokyo. But, they don’t hold a candle to Lotte.