Discover Europe Through Norwegian Airlines’ Oslo Hub

Norwegian Airlines operates several flights to and from the United States and beyond through their large hub in Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport. From JFK, Oakland, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and soon-to-be Boston – exploring Norway’s changing capital has never been more accessible. Because Norwegian flies directly to Oslo from destinations across the globe, parts of Asia and the Caribbean included, travelers can expect an easy and well-organized experience at the airport. And, connecting to the rest of Europe and parts of North Africa with their well-planned route network for a continued holiday, couldn’t be easier.

Oslo’s airport is set-up for both arrivals and connections for international passengers. It’s small, caters to Northern Europe and, now, the rest of the world through Norwegian’s ever growing presence. On a recent trip we experienced a seamless check-in, fast track security lines with our premium cabin ticket and a business lounge which offers food and drinks to enjoy before your flight.

If you’re simply passing through Oslo on a Norwegian connection, you can expect free WiFi aboard your flights throughout Europe or the same long-haul service you experienced overseas if you’re traveling onward to Bangkok, Thailand. Norwegian is investing heavily in their customer’s experience, and that shows at every turn. Soon, the airline will be offering non-stop service to new destinations in Europe directly from the United States and the Caribbean – keeping close to their same low-cost, high quality product on which their reputation has been built.

On a recent call with Norwegian’s Vice President of Communications, Mr. Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, who works from the airline’s Oslo hub, it was clear that the airline shows no sign of slowing down their innovation. “We designed our pricing structure to put the decision-making is our customer’s hands,” Nielsen says. “Our passengers can choose how much they want to spend and what’s important to them on their flight.”

When asked about the airline’s future plans in offering more flights to Europe from the United States Nielsen says, “People can expect more announcements on routing to come at the end of 2015 and early 2016.” “We have a lot of plans we are not talking about at the moment, but exciting additions are coming down the line.”

Whether Norwegian plans on offering more destination options through their Oslo hub or more direct flights in an effort to connect Europe, the United States and other parts of the world, remains to be seen – but, it’s exciting to know that the airline seemingly has no limits and no real rules in that area. They have an obvious grasp on what matters to customers, quality and price, and how to find the perfect balance between the two. I personally hope to be flying Norwegian soon from New York to places like Brazil, Morocco and Tokyo. But, just like you, I will just have to wait and see.