Fly To Europe In The Most Economical Premium Cabin | Fly With Norwegian Airlines’ In The New Luxury

In today’s changing aviation market, the smart luxury traveler knows that not every premium cabin, whether that be business class or premium economy, is worth the price. It’s truly difficult, at times, to find an airline that offers everything the modern luxury traveler wants and demands in their travel experience. Not every carrier offers new planes, not every carrier offers flat bed seats, not every carrier offers true comfort when flying – even at a price tag that can soar well above $8,000 for a round trip ticket. The truth is, travelers are beginning to reevaluate what matters to them when flying from point A to point B, speed and price being among the most important. Norwegian Airlines understands that, and they are revolutionizing the “new luxury” in modern air travel.

In the past, legacy carriers have been able to entice travelers to their higher-priced premium cabins through celebrity chef designed menus, branded toiletry kits, larger entertainment screens and, the ever coveted, flat bed seat. But, many have failed to live-up to the expectation and increased price tag. Many luxury travelers, which include business travelers, pay the higher price for the flat bed seat, which makes crossing the Atlantic, Pacific or International Date Line easier by offering a restful night of sleep in air. Many carriers have yet to refit the entirety of their current fleets with flat beds, which leaves travelers disappointed and upset if their flight’s plane is of the old cabin interior. Sometimes, travelers are promised a flat bed and added amenities in premium cabins and, before departure, the airline’s equipment is changed, leaving them with less than they bargained for.

Norwegian Airlines has gone straight to what matters for travelers today, by focusing on a higher quality product at a fraction of the price offered by legacy carriers. From the United States, Norwegian offers fast and smooth non-stop flights to points in Scandinavia and Europe like: Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, Bergen, Norway and London, United Kingdom from cities like: New York, Ft. Lauderdale (Miami area), Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Oakland (San Francisco area). Connections to other parts of continental Europe as well as parts of Asia are also available with a short layover.

On Norwegian’s long-haul flights, which include most all of their routings to and from the United States on new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, their premium cabin is the perfect combination of comfort and spaciousness – at a fantastic price. Round-trip tickets can run as low at $1,500, and offer travelers larger seats, which recline into a comfortable sleeping (not flat bed) position. This allows you to rest peacefully overnight. The seats are equipped with state of the art entertainment systems featuring detailed interactive moving maps and movie options, USB docking stations, power outlets and touch screen snack ordering systems. As a passenger in premium, you have included: two pieces of checked baggage, fast-track security lanes, a three course meal on-board (which is surprisingly delicious), in-flight cocktails as well as pre-landing breakfast. Norwegian’s premium cabin gives travelers all they need to make the flight very comfortable. This cabin is not for travelers who are sold on the “extras”, like having five varied champagnes to choose from for a pre-dinner drink. Or, warm chocolate chip cookies delivered before landing. But, at the end of the day, is that selection of champagne and cookie really worth the additional $1,000-$4,000?

Flying on Norwegian’s Boeing Dreamliner jets leave your body nearly unaffected by the flight – no dry eyes, no pressure and less jet lag. The combination of the airplane environment, premium cabin features and ticket price make Norwegian our pick for the best deal for premium cabins in the sky. You truly won’t find a better option to take you from the United States to Scandinavia and Europe. At this pivotal moment in the industry, it’s just not possible.