Norwegian Air | North America’s Perfect Flight To Thailand


With the departure of Thai Airways from North American cities, a gap has been left in the market for travelers looking for the perfect flight to Thailand. Many carriers can take you there, connecting in Europe, the Middle East or Asia, but only one offers the truly perfect flight to Bangkok. Norwegian Air, with their beautiful and comfortable new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, can take you swiftly from North America to Thailand – in the most economical and comfortable way possible.

Norwegian is known as a low-cost carrier, with non-stop flights from U.S. gateways like New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles and Boston to cities like Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Paris. Certain times of the year, you can nab a round-trip airfare from New York to Sweden for just over $300. Who else can offer that? But, with the perfect connection from both the East and West coast, Norwegian can take you to Thailand with a quick layover in one of their Scandinavian hubs – offering seamless transit to the Far East.

I flew with them recently from New York to Bangkok. I was booked on their flight from JFK to Copenhagen, and connected in Copenhagen to Bangkok. The flight to Copenhagen was a simple 7 hours, and I spent just shy of 90-minutes on the ground, enough time to get a coffee and stretch my legs. I boarded the same plane and took off to Bangkok – which was an 11-hour flight from Denmark. My total air time was 18 hours – the same amount of time a non-stop flight would take from New York. With my quick connection in Copenhagen, Norwegian offered me truly the fastest route to Thailand, which I greatly appreciated.


All of this was amplified by the fact the Norwegian has invested heavily in new Boeing 787 Dreamliners. What does this mean for the average traveler? A lot. It means a more spacious and comfortable flying experience, one that is so unique it doesn’t even feel like you’re riding on a plane at all; the harsh cabin pressure, the small bathrooms, the uncomfortable seats – all of these problems are nearly erased on the new planes. I was seated in Premium, which is Norwegian’s answer to business class. This cabin is very comfortable, with seats that recline into a reclining position and meals that are delivered through touch screen ordering. WiFi is often available and the cabin is cozy and private. This put me in the mood to take a long nap and arrive Bangkok rested and fresh to take-on the day.

For any traveler looking to get to Thailand through the quickest and most comfortable route, choose Norwegian. Between the often low and reasonable cost of both their economy and premium cabins, there aren’t many other carriers that can offer the same experience in getting to this magical destination in Southeast Asia.