Lift Your Holidays And Your Face With The NuFace Trinity

The NuFace Trinity, shown here in the limited edition black with 22 karat gold, is our pick for the best in anti-aging devices for the new year. A perfect gift for someone who cares about the tone and texture of their skin, the Trinity is a small and portable item any man can add to his gym bag or carry-on to ensure he looks his best at all times.

The NuFace is an FDA-cleared device that delivers microcurrents into the skin. These currents gently stimulate tightening and toning of your facial muscles. Using the device between 5 and 15 minutes per day can help to firm your skin by focusing on the jaw, cheekbones and forehead. An ergonomically designed body is easy to hold and use. With one quick layer of the NuFace primer (gel), you are off on a near goof-proof regimen that will leave you looking younger.

Some see results in as little as one treatment, we saw it in two. Anyone looking for an effortless way to maintain your appearance through the season and beyond can look to NuFace as they truly deliver on their anti-aging promise. We think it’s the perfect shield against jet lag or the general facial tiredness many of us experience this time of year. We will be using it throughout the upcoming holidays and through the busy global fashion weeks in January.

Photograph taken at the Hermitage Bay resort on the Caribbean island of Antigua.