Charlevoix, Québec’s Unique Wine That Is Produced Nowhere Else In The World


Domaine de la Vallée du Bras is a family operation that has been in existence in since 1938 – and it’s known for the famed Omerto wine . Set on a beautiful plot of land in a stunning valley in Québec’s glorious Charlevoix region, this wine producer is one of the most special producers in the world. Pulling-up their short driveway off a country road, you begin to notice that there are no grape vines in sight. How can they be known for wine?

I visited the family’s operation to sample their offerings – a beautiful selection of aperitif wines made from, none-other than tomato juice. They call it, Omerto. A little confused, I stared at the beautiful transparent wine bottles and listened to the family explain their process. How could tomato juice, known for being thick and a deep red color, produce this light, caramel-colored wine?

Using the best in heirloom tomatoes and pressing them at their juiciest, Domaine de la Vallée du Bras strains and ages the juice, just as grape juice is processed for usual grape wine varieties. As it ages, the juice becomes shades of light caramel to dark caramel – making up their different products. The aged juice is higher in alcohol and has notes of wood and sweetness that can be noticed on first taste or smell. To me, the wine was delicious and the perfect accompaniment for appetizers or cheese at home, or in a restaurant.

Tomato wine has to be one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve come across in my travels, and I’m thrilled I could discover it while exploring Charlevoix.