The Most Unique Restaurant In Bangkok


Osha, a unique and modern Thai eatery, is an experience that anyone visiting the city shouldn’t miss. The large and impressive dining room is open for lunch and dinner – and offers multiple floors in a club-like atmosphere for patrons to take-in their culinary genius and inventive dishes.


I sat down at one of their tables for lunch recently – offered a tasting menu that included everything from florescent cocktails to dish “reveals” that were complete with smoke and fire.


It was almost as if I had wondered into a Las Vegas-style magic show – right on the top of my lunch table.


Typically, where there are this many “tricks” to the food being presented – they’re to make-up for the lack of culinary prowess that might leave one underwhelmed otherwise. But, this was not the case at Osha. First priority is on taste and quality and all the extras surrounding it are only to amplify the presentation.


The restaurant offers dishes like nam prik pra tu and gai go lek (spicy chicken) – and incredibly memorable cocktails dressed in traditional Thai head pieces. Diners must know that a dress code is strictly enforced. No matter hot or humid Bangkok might be, don’t even think of walking into this space with a t-shirt and shorts on. Gentlemen must come with slacks and a collared shirt.


I highly recommend the lamb for those who might desire something succulent. And for those who want a bit of a show with their meal choose any one of the desserts, because, in the end, doesn’t sorbet with a little fog and fire to accompany your sugar make everything just a little bit better?