Oslo’s New Look | The Changing Architecture Of A City

Oslo is changing faces, and with each passing year new neighborhoods crop-up with the construction of interesting, well-designed buildings. The Norwegians have a sensitivity to their environment and incorporate their wealth of nature and natural resources into their dwellings and office spaces. One neighborhood,¬†Aker Brygge, is defining Oslo’s new look.

Aker Brygge is Oslo’s newest neighborhood, an excellent place for dining and exploring. For sights along the waterfront, it’s the best place for walks and to take in Oslo’s buzzing port life. It emerged near the mouth of the Oslofjord in the old wharf area formerly used for shipbuilding yards. Fueled by oil wealth, steel-and-glass buildings now rise from what had been a relatively dilapidated section. Some of the best shops, theaters, restaurants, and cultural attractions are here, including the stunning Thief Hotel.