The Top Italian Eatery In The Hamptons | Paola’s East

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Paola’s East, in East Hampton, is one of those restaurants that you eat at once, and instantly it becomes “your spot” when claiming your very only stake of the Hamptons. An offshoot of the famed New York City location on the Upper East Side, Paola’s East is a cozy place with large outdoor terrace that will instantly take you on a journey to Italy – but, for real, have you indulging in some of the best Italian food you’ll ever eat.

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The staff here are friendly and great. They help deconstruct the menu, allowing you to select from choices like an heirloom beet salad or fresh burrata and tomatoes – the burrata being flown-in from Rome fresh that morning.

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There is a varied menu here, with options of pasta, fish and meat for anyone. No choice is bad, but I personally love the pasta. Most all of it is homemade and comes out piping hot with delicate and exquisite sauces mingling throughout. Nothing is too heavy or overwhelming, but just right. With each course I tried, I was more and more delighted.

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The staff seem to watch your wine class intently, arriving and departing your table just in time to fill it up with your chosen Barolo.

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Desserts are made in-house and, one of my favorites, the cheesecake, is a true winner. If you’re in the Hamptons please don’t miss Paola’s Not only is it worth the trip for the evening, but it might even be worth your entire trip to the Hamptons.

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