What To See In Slavonia, Croatia | Papuk Nature Park

Near the city of Požega, Croatia, a wonderland of nature, the Paupuk Nature Park, sits sandwiched between mountains waiting to be discovered by those who have a bent for extreme beauty and peace. The mountain, Papuk, is at the center of the park and unfolds into waterfalls, valleys, hills and forests that have been preserved for both locals and visitors alike to enjoy throughout the year.

This park is a national treasure for Croatia, and it’s obvious why. Meandering through the cut paths of woods and gazing through the walnut trees and into small lakes, ponds and cascading waterfalls, you can’t help but be mesmerized by what’s in front of you. This newly dubbed “Geopark” (an area protected by the way of geological heritage), offers visitors insight into the local flora and fauna which makes the region unique. Here you’ll see various types of plant and tree species, as well as wildlife – with an emphasis on birds and fox. Spending an afternoon here is pure bliss.