A Croatian Manor With A Heart For Music |Pejacevic Castle

Pejacevic Castle, which is more a manor than castle, is a beautiful and surprising museum located in the town of┬áVirovitica.┬áPejacevic was built in the late baroque style in the early 1800s and rose to fame as the home of Dora Pejacevic, Europe’s first female composer. She lived here with her family – her image, and personal belongings, are everywhere.

Strolling around the rooms, you might bump into the composer’s piano, the family’s wooden wardrobes or some of Dora’s personal possessions. These are not under lock and key, but open for the public to enjoy. Some of the rooms have also been dedicated to educating the public on the area’s wildlife and traditions, housing artifacts that show what life was once like at Pejacevic.

The museum is open year round and is slowly being renovated. I suggest stopping-in to visit the home of Dora and to learn more about her life in Eastern Croatia.