Boarding The Train To Fulfilling Your Highest Potential

Life can be overwhelming. With so much coming at us, at all times of the day, we sometimes get stuck in a rut or on a track in which we never planned to be. The motions take over and before we know it, we can fall into a cycle that has been predetermined by generations before us. But what if we chose different? Choosing different is the only option, and it takes a lot of courage.

I look at my own journey as a giant train station. Passengers stream by and trains pull in and out, going all different directions. It’s up to us to silence the noise and get on the right train, the one that will take us where we want to go. I believe it’s never too late to get where you want to go, as trains offer many opportunities to stop, get off and connect to another destination. If you don’t like where you’re going, switch tracks. It really is that simple.

I thought about this as waited for my train in Porto, Portugal. São Bento Railway Station was built in 1916 and is covered by beautiful azulejo blue tiles. I sat on the steps outside and marveled at the beautiful architecture in the area. I wore a cotton knit sweater by New York label Public School, black cashmere leggings by Alexandre Plokhov and calf-high leather boots by Porto designer Senhor PRUDÊNCIO. My oversized wheeled leather backpack is also bySenhor PRUDÊNCIO.