Postcard From Adelboden | The Beauty Of The Brown-Spotted Cow

Walking through the green meadows of Adelboden, you can’t help but notice the beautiful brown-spotted cows that graze on the dewy ground. Whether in a valley or on a hillside leading to a peak of one of the surrounding Alps, these cows provide the area residents and the international dairy industry with everything from cheese to yogurt and event meat. They’re majestic and friendly creatures that are not afraid to greet you with a hearty “Moo” or walk over to the fence and acknowledge your presence. Truthfully, these cows should be on the Switzerland license plates – due to the sheer number of them that grace the countryside. But the ones here, in Adelboden, have an extra special quality. They’re as pure as can be, they mean no harm and they provide incredible scenery while walking through this idyllic village.