Trancoso’s Best Beach Experience | Praia Tortuga

Playa Tortuga - Trancoso - Bahia - 2

Trancoso is full lf hidden places to relax and enjoy the day in – and Praia Tortuga is my favorite. A private beach that isn’t well known, this little paradise offers a cliffside grassy knoll where sun beds and tables await. Stoll down the dirt path and enter one of the most blissful places you’ll find in the area.

Playa Tortuga - Trancoso - Bahia - 5

There is a bar, wooden tables, sun beds and waiters that come to take your order. A caipirinha? Yes, please. Bahian seafood moqueca? It’s some of the best you’ll eat. And, all of it is served so effortlessly in an environment that looks like an editorial out of Vogue.

Playa Tortuga - Trancoso - Bahia - 1

It will cost a few dollars to enter this place, but it’s well worth it. With a cocktail in hand, after lunch, jump on the small tram that will take you down the cliff and to the most stunning beach.

Playa Tortuga - Trancoso - Bahia - 6

On the beach, you’ll find a a mobile bar, comfortable lounge chairs and the softest sand.

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I spent six hours here and could have stayed longer. To me, this Praia Tortuga is pure heaven.

Playa Tortuga - Trancoso - Bahia - 7