The Only Car Rental Company You Need To Know In Guadeloupe


Pro-Rent, a small family-run car rental agency close to the Pointe-à-Pitre Airport is truly the best place to rent a vehicle for exploring the Guadeloupe islands. One might wonder why this particular place is the best, and that question is certainly valid. But, the truth is, the point that separates Pro-Rent from the rest is their service.

The agency is located a mere five minutes from the airport in an industrial called Jarry. Pro-Rent offers a private shuttle that will collect you in the arrivals hall of the airport, and transport you to their office to quickly fill-out paperwork and be on your way.

Pro-Rent offers visitors to the island everything from small, manual vehicles to larger, automatic models. The rental process is quick and involves providing your license and signing on the dotted line. The small office and attentive staff work quickly to get you in and out so that you can begin enjoying your holiday.

Upon returning the vehicle, Pro-Rent does a quick inspection and then takes you to the airport for your flight home. It’s easy and efficient – all things we are looking for in an experience that can sometimes be laborious and time consuming.

Pro-Rent is the only car rental agency you need to know in Guadeloupe.