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An hour north of Puerto Vallarta lies a pair of gates. And, inside those gates sits 1,500 manicured acres of pristine land, luxurious resorts, delicious restaurants, idyllic beaches and an array of activities. These gates are your entry point to Punta Mita, Mexico’s true hidden gem luxury – a resort so well-thought-out that you won’t want to visit anywhere else once you’ve experienced it.

I traveled to Punta Mita for three nights. I stayed at the beautiful Four Seasons. Within the Punta Mita resort, you’ll find both The Four Seasons and The St. Regis. But, I chose The Four Seasons.

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Punta Mita is the hideaway to those “in the know”, whether you’re the head of a tech giant, Hollywood celebrity or just someone who wants access to “the best” at all times. As the gates open you are instantly transported into a world of calm, beauty and relaxation. The long central road is indeed beautiful, shaded by swaying palms and century’s old Banyan trees; but rolling-up to the entry of The Four Seasons punctuates your trip perfectly.

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The Four Seasons has been here for quite some time, anchoring Punta Mita in the luxury hotel space. The resort is spread out and golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation. Each room and suite, 173 in total, are outfitted beautifully – many with views of the sea, comfortable beds, coffee and tea makers, ample bathrooms and a spacious living area. The resort is set to renovate the rooms sometime in the near future, to help further modernize the private and public spaces on property.

The resort offers guests everything they need for a Mexican retreat. This includes three outdoor swimming pools, Apuane spa, access to two Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses, a multitude of indoor/outdoor dining experiences, private beaches and an array of amenities.

Pet Friendly Resort Comercial photo shoot at Four Seasons Resort,Punta De Mita,Nayarit,Mexico on April,29,2016 Photo : Andrea Fanni

The spaces, both public and private at The Four Seasons, are light, airy and manage to mix authentic Mexican art with a chic, beachside aesthetic.

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My room was spacious, and featured a garden view – but the property offers many different room categories – including oceanfront villas with up to five bedrooms.

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Punta Mita, as a resort in its entirety, offers so much for those staying within the gates. If you’re not hanging out by the pool at The Four Seasons sipping expertly crafted margaritas, you can take part in a private tennis lesson at the tennis center, go deep sea fishing, take a surfing lesson with a surf champion or practice your golf swing.

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I experienced it all in my three days. The weather was perfect so I started my morning warming-up by hitting a few balls on the golf course and then moved on to a surfing lesson. Surfing isn’t easy, but after a few tries with surf champion Fernando Stalla as my coach, I seemed to get the hang of it. For those with children, Punta Mita offers surf camps, led by Mr. Stalla, and other activities to keep your kids happy and busy during the day. And, for those looking for a kid-free vacation – don’t worry – the area is big enough where you can enjoy a quiet adults-only pool for pure peace and quiet.

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After about three days, I started to get into the Punta Mita mindset – an uncluttered head and the ability to just let go and enjoy the nature that seems to envelope this place. The sound of the crashing ocean waves became my preferred background music, as opposed to my Spotify playlist. The rustling of the palms and sound of sand dispersing under my feet on my morning beach walks became my moment of zen. It all felt so good.

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Service at The Four Seasons and service within Punta Mita, in general, is phenomenal. The staff are all extremely friendly and want to know more about you. They tend to know your name by the end of day-one and you will know their story by the end of your vacation. And, what interesting stories they have.

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For those looking for the ultimate escape, Punta Mita is it. Here you’re secure, relaxed, looked-after and truly in a hidden little chunk of paradise on the Pacific coast. If you really fall in love with the place, don’t worry, you never have to leave. Punta Mita offers luxury condos and custom homes for rent and purchase within the gates. You can call Punta Mita home, if you wish. For those who just plan on returning as a guest, The Four Seasons and St. Regis are ready for you. Whatever you decide, you just can’t go wrong here.

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