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Why Charlevoix, Québec Is A Farm-To-Table Foodie Paradise


Charlevoix, Québec is a as natural as any destination might come. Nothing here is altered or artificial, and nothing has been built to appear like something other than what it is. The world that best describes the feeling when traveling through this beautiful region is authenticity. And, this includes the food.

Food is an industry and is altered and manufactured in many places – and travelers don’t usually think about what that means in the grans scope of their trip. We take the food we are given and at face value – assuming it’s what it says it is. But is it always what it appears to be? Not always.

In Charlevoix, due to the attitude of its residents and Canada as a nation, travelers can rely on pure, good food that is simple and unaltered. Whether you’re eating at a restaurant or hotel, in someone’s home or on a farm – most of the food you eat here would be considered farm-to-table – and the difference is massive.

As you visit the region, you’ll notice family-owned cheese production, farms known for their quality meats – like Centre de L’Emu de Charlevoix, specializing in healthy emu meat, or restaurants like Le Saint-Pub Microbrasserie Charlevoix – specializing