New York’s Ultimate Wellness Destination | Reviv

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Located in New York City’s Flatiron neighborhood, Reviv is a one-stop-shop for wellness. Whether you’re looking for a hangover cure, a vitamin boost or an overall wellness check-in – this clinic is your place to truly revitalize every part of your body, from the inside out.

I was feeling a little listless and tired and began searching for a place to get a vitamin drip in New York. Many places popped-up on Google for me to explore, but something stood out about Reviv. I had tried various places around the world when I had a few many cocktails the night before, but this was not the reason for my visit to Reviv. I just wanted to improve my overall sense of well-being.

Reviv offers guests one time treatments and packages that focus on addressing various ailments. You can stop-in for a quick vitamin injection – like Vitamin B, CoQ10 or others. Or, you can stop-in for something more intensive, which is what I did. Reviv’s website offers a menu of IV treatments and I opted for the Royal Flush, which promised to clean out your liver, kidneys and boost your vitamin levels.

The Royal Flush promises to boost hydration and your immune system while replenishing vitamins and minerals, decreasing pain, nausea and cleanses your vital organs. The IV treatment is perfect if you’re suffering from an extreme hangover, allergies or exhaustion.

I arrived for my appointment and filled-out a quick intake form on an iPad before being led into my private room. I was seated in a large black massage chair where I was promptly hooked-up to two bags of fluids, administered one at a time. My veins and body were clearly in need, because they absorbed the fluids very quickly. The friendly staff at Reviv came-in every fifteen minutes to check-in on me. Towards the end of the treatment, I received a shot of Glutothione – a super antioxidant for your liver.

I have to say the experience was fantastic and I felt better, instantly. Over the next few days, that feeling of overall wellness persisted and I was so happy I decided to stop-in. If you’re in New York and want to give yourself a boost or recover from an ailment, don’t miss Reviv.