What To Experience Near Frankfurt| A Rhine River Cruise

A mere 40 minutes from Frankfurt, within the Frankfurt am Main region, is Wiesbaden. Serving as the capital of the Hesse region, this incredible spa town straddles the Rhine river, which is a logical jumping-off point to take a short cruise on the water and see the historic estates and small castles which sit on its shores. You’ll witness small family-owned vineyards, tiny villages and end the cruise in the picturesque town of Rüdesheim.

All of this lies within the Rheingau region – famous for its riesling wines. There are several large vineyards in the area where you can do tastings. I recommend the stunningly beautiful Schloss Johannisberg, which has been steeped in viticultural history for over 1,200 years. You should also make a stop at the The Eberbach Abbey – a monastery from 1136 that is now an event space with a fantastic restaurant, gardens and wine production.

A daytime river cruise is a must for any traveler looking to spend a little time soaking-in the Rheingau’s fabulous offerings.