Riding In On A White Horse | Be Your Own Knight In Shining Armor

No one likes to be dependent on someone to rescue them. I certainly don’t. It’s not an attractive or admirable quality in life – though many of us wait for things to “happen” to us instead of actively pursuing our dreams. No one will be your knight in shining armor, only you can be. I remind myself of this every day and, some days, it’s harder than others to align myself with this way of thinking. But, to get what you want and what you deserve out of life, you have to put in the effort. Right? This idea inspired me during my visit to Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland. I wore cashmere leggings by Alexandre Plokhov, leather boots by Ann Demeulemeester, a leather and wool sweater by Saint Laurent, a hand cuff from Sweden-based Bedazzled Jewelry and Chrome Hearts sunglasses provided by Ilori eyewear boutique in Manhattan.