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The Five-Star Mattress

Royal Pedic Mattress

Only a select group of luxury hotels across America boast mattresses by luxury mattress brand, Royal-Pedic. As the creators of one of the world’s most respected and well-made mattresses, Royal-Pedic was chosen, for not only their comfort, but for their dedication to using the finest materials in the industry. Since 1946, this company has been crafting each piece they produce by hand, which includes a line dedicated to strictly organic materials.

Luxury hotels and inns such as: Casa Sedona Inn (Sedona, Arizona), Churchill Manor (Napa, California), Inn Of The Turquoise Bear (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur, California), The Swag (Waynesville, North Carolina) and The Inn At Little Washington (Washington, Virginia) – are committed to offering their guests the best night sleep through a Royal-Pedic mattress. Visiting each property, it’s clear to see that detail and uniqueness is top priority, so it should come as no surprise that they chose the best when selecting beds for their incredible rooms.

What makes Royal-Pedic special, beyond their use of premium materials, is the fact that the mattresses are not produced in bulk – or quickly for that matter. They employ expert tufters, scour the globe for the most durable springs and only use GOTS-certified wool from Southern France. It’s essential to realize that choosing to produce mattresses in this way isn’t just a matter of luxury, but durability and sound comfort that will last a very long time. People who sleep on Royal-Pedic, which include everyone from well-known musicians to U.S. presidents, seek out their products based solely on reputation. That is something that cannot be exaggerated.

Whether you’re a guest this holiday season at one of these luxury hotels, or are looking to start your year off with better rest and a healthier sleeping environment, Royal-Pedic is a brand that must be experienced. It has the power to change your life, through better sleep, and what about that doesn’t sound appealing?