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Sleep Like A President | An Inspiring Conversation With The Man Behind The White House’s Favorite Mattress

In a world where sound sleep is a luxury many are not privileged to enjoy, and sourcing a good mattress an even harder endeavor, it’s crucial to know how to sift through the overwhelming options glaring at you from every television, newspaper and magazine spread. The more we know about the mattress we choose, like choosing the right life partner, the more successful the relationship can be. Choosing a mattress arbitrarily jeopardizes the potential you have for critical, restorative sleep that serves as the foundation for your overall health and happiness. Royal-Pedic, the esteemed Beverly Hills-based brand that crafts, by hand, some of the world’s most stunning and comfortable mattresses, has earned the right to brag a little, as they’re considered the top mattress in the industry. Through their commitment to innovation and extreme attention to the details that many overlook, Royal-Pedic has built a cult following of those who appreciate the subtle intricacies that can make their sleep more fulfilling.

Since 1946, this American-made mattress producer has been the choice of everyone from United States presidents to rock stars, and even professional athletes looking to turn their bedroom and bed into a sanctuary for pure relaxation and comfort. Both Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy were fans. With two collections to choose from, including “Classic” and “Organic”, Royal-Pedic’s portfolio offers mattresses that fuse luxury with natural and hypoallergenic materials. Every mattress is made for a customer order, and never pulled from a rack.

Tony Kelemen is the company’s CEO. After taking over the business from his father more than 30 years ago, he set out to create mattresses that would withstand the test of time and offer customers only the finest in materials and craftsmanship. Speaking to him recently from his Beverly Hills office, it was evident that his quest is for the best – and only the best with do. “Instead of spending massive amounts of money on advertising, we put the money into making a top quality mattress. It’s important for us to carry on the Royal-Pedic tradition of sourcing the finest materials in the world to produce uncompromising quality and exquisite comfort,” he said. “Our unknotted steel coils are heat-tempered and from Switzerland. We get them there because they’re the tightest, most durable coils we could find. They’re very sensitive to body contours. “

Mr. Kelemen lauded his staff for their knowledge and hard work. ““Ron, our main tufter, has been with the company for 3 decades, and others have been with the company for many years as well,” he said. “We focus on quality, not quantity. Our employees are paid by the hour, not per piece, so they take their time to create mattresses that meet our Royal-Pedic high standard of quality.

The hand tufting tradition dates back to the 1930s when the company’s original founder, Abe Kaplan, implemented the technique which he had learned working at Heals of London, who made mattresses for the British royal family. The labor-intensive process ensures that even the inner parts of the mattress stay in place throughout its lifetime, and Mr. Kaplan retained the tradition when he started Royal-Pedic as an immigrant in the United States.

Royal-Pedic uses pristine cotton batting from California and Texas, never polyurethane, which degrades over time. They hand layer the cotton on each side of the innerspring unit, and utilize state-of-the-art sewing equipment to bind the breathable outer cotton fabrics together with upmost precision. It’s wrapped by organic cotton ticking woven in Germany – which allows for body heat ventilation. All of the materials are healthy, chemical-free and are not treated with flame-retardants. Even the latex used is natural, and comes from rubber trees in Southern Asia. The cotton in their organic mattresses is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. All of Royal-Pedic’s wool is GOTS certified organic as well, and comes from France. Kelemen stated, “We purchase the wool from a small producer that doesn’t treat the wool with chemicals, but instead washes it naturally with baking soda and water.”

Though detail-oriented and thorough in his execution of products he sells throughout the world and in his showroom on Robertson Boulevard, Mr. Kelemen is rather down-to-Earth. “It’s not about making the most expensive mattress, there are certainly other brands that do that,” he said. “It’s about offering something that is solid in its construction and promise – something healthy for you and your environment.” Royal-Pedic does just that. They are the masters of healthy mattresses and, in a way, a point of inspiration due to the way they approach a craft that could be very mechanical and boring. After getting to know their products and how certain materials and details can enhance your sleep quality, the idea of a “mattress” might shift radically in your thinking. Royal-Pedic has created a new, healthy standard of luxury.