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Rwanda’s Top Airline For 2021 | Rwandair

Rwandair is one of Africa’s fastest-growing airlines, as it pushes through the COVID-19 pandemic transporting passengers around Rwanda and Rwanda to the world. A young carrier, operating since just 2003, Rwandair offers travelers direct flights in and out of Kigali from airports throughout the continent of Africa and even Europe to destinations like Johannesburg, London and Tel Aviv. With tourism booming in Rwanda for its clean countryside, safe cities and incredible wildlife – Rwandair is poised to be a major presence throughout the world in the coming years.

I was recently a passenger on Rwandair and, like Rwanda itself, fell-in-love with its employees and service. I flew a short flight from Kigali to Nairobi, one hour to be exact, but was thoroughly impressed with the airline’s commitment to safety and hygiene through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Boarding was easy and seamless in Kigali. Once on-board I was handed disinfecting towels and offered a water for the flight. The staff were all wearing personal protection equipment and passengers were required to do the same. This was an incredibly comforting sight during what has been a true global disaster.

Rwanda opened its doors early to Americans, praised internationally for their phenomenal handling of the pandemic. While in-country, it was evident with frequent temperature checks, hand-washing stations along most all roads and the requirement for all passengers to present a negative PCR COVID-19 test upon entry that Rwanda wasn’t taking chances. In fact, upon entry, passengers must also test again for COVID-19 and isolate at an approved hotel until their test results are returned. This ensures the safety of the people of Rwanda and all visitors coming to experience its many splendors.

Rwanda is an incredible country, a true anomaly amongst African nations for many reasons. Visitors are enchanted by its mountain gorillas, traditional game, national parks and culture. The blue, white and yellow of the country’s flag carrier, Rwandair, stand for so much more than just its national colors. But, experiencing the airline itself is like experiencing an extension of the country and its warmth. This is truly the Rwandair way.