Rwanda’s Most Thrilling Small Primate Encounter

Rwanda is famous for its gorillas, but not many people know about the large population of Golden monkeys that live nearby in the Volcanoes National Park. At the edge of the park, tucked inside the green shrubbery and thickets of bamboo, troops of playful monkeys bounce from tree to tree, darting in and out of the low canopy.

Offering visitors the ability to get up close and personal with these curious and cute little primates, Rwanda allows you to spend an hour watching and interacting with them. Golden monkeys are very rambunctious and invite you into their world to witness how they live. As an observer, I spent time on the forest floor watching countless members of the family around me. Some ripped into stalks of bamboo in a furious fever to satisfy their hunger, some wrestled playfully with their nearby friends.

This particular experience is different than spending time with Rwanda’s gorillas. It’s a little lighter, a little more spontaneous. I edged very close to these creatures, snapping pictures and monkey selfies throughout my visit. You can’t miss the opportunity while in Rwanda – as it’s a very special and worthwhile experience.