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Rwanda’s Top Tour Company Of 2021 | Primate Safaris

Primate Safaris is Rwanda’s top tour company for 2021 standing out amongst the rest for its incredible service and knowledge of this magnificent country. A major player based in Kigali, Primate Safaris offers travelers in-depth and curated itineraries that plan and organize the perfect Rwanda stay down to the nuts and bolts of your trip. Led by an incredibly informed and kind team, Primate Safaris has been my chosen operator for both my trips to Rwanda.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Primate Safaris and the country of Rwanda twice – led throughout the magical landscape with the safe guide and driver, Sula.

Sula is a Rwanda expert and knows its roads, people and sights better than anyone. From landing in Kigali, dealing with COVID-19 requirements and traversing the many hills of the nation – Primate Safaris made my experiences nothing but pleasurable throughout both of my 7-day stays.

I had to worry about nothing aside from enjoying the fabulous wildlife and scenery as I glided down the country roads. Primate Safaris collected me at Kigali airport when I landed from Brussels. In a matter of minutes, Sula met me to take me for a quick COVID-19 test and then on to my beautiful room at The Retreat in Kigali, where I remained until my negative results returned.

Throughout my stay in Rwanda – which included three nights in Kigali and two nights in Volcanoes National Park – I was looked after and led by the Primate Safaris team. From planned lunches to park entrances, shopping trips and forest walks, my comfort and safety was always top priority.

Anyone traveling to Rwanda must choose a tour operator to help you plan the perfect itinerary and execute it on the ground. Not only is Primate Safaris the best, but they have access to many experiences and secrets that most don’t, giving their customers a specialized trip that is truly unforgettable.