Rwanda’s Top Tour Operator For An Unforgettable Experience

Primate Safaris is the leading tour operator in Rwanda. A full-service operation that will coordinate every detail of your trip, from flights to itineraries – this company is positioned to design an experience that will spark memories that last a lifetime.

On my recent trip to Rwanda, I chose Primate Safaris to assist in conceptualizing an itinerary that would allow me the ability to see the country in its entirety, without missing a beat. At the beginning of the trip, in the pre-planning stages, Primate Safaris made contact with me to guide me through the process of choosing my ideal route throughout Rwanda. Would I start in Kigali? Would I go north to the gorillas or south to the Chimpanzees? They helped me decide which options would prove best for my trip’s objectives.

The company provides drivers and guides who escort you in large, off-road vehicles (usually Toyota Land Cruisers or similar). The vehicles are well equipped for Rwanda’s terrain and the guides are extremely knowledgeable about the land, its history and the hidden gems that you won’t find in guidebooks. My guide, Sula, took the time to stop and answer every burning question. What species of monkey just ran in front of us on the road? Where is Rwanda’s best coffee grown? How has the country harnessed the land for farming the beautiful terraced fields? Sula knew all the answers.

Primate Safaris outfits vehicles with bottled water, fruit and whatever else might be needed for the journey between point A and point B. Each itinerary is custom and flexible, so you have the ability to change your route if something peeks your interest along the way. I couldn’t have been more impressed or filled with gratitude for their attention to detail and the knowledge that, inevitably, made all the difference in my Rwandan experience.