A Saharan Fashion Moment In Merzouga, Morocco

In a place that feels like the edge of the world, where not a sound can be heard across the sandy dunes, peace exists. Feeling as close to nature as possible, I awoke early (4:00 am) from a few hours sleep to venture into the Sahara Desert from my nearby hotel and watch the sun rise.

It took just 15 minutes to reach the bottom of a large dune where I climbed with just a hint of light to the top. I waited in silence for a few minutes, feeling the cool air brush past my skin. At 4:53 am, the sun burst across the sky, illuminating everything around me. I could see the rays peeking through the clouds, encouraging the night to bow-out and let a new day begin.

I have never been more amazed at a sunrise in my life, never so moved. I sat atop the dune in awe – my mouth nearly on the ground. I wore a long crisp white cotton shirt from New York based Rochambeau and a head wrap given to me by my guide. My feet were buried deep in the sand. I planted myself there, never wanting to leave because, truly, I have never felt more alive.