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Copenhagen’s Best Spa Experience | Samadhi Spa

The word Samadhi derives from Sanskrit and is often used in the Hindu and Buddhist terminology as a mental state in which the mind and mind become calm. The Samadhi Spa in Copenhagen is the epitome of its namesake word. From the moment of entry, you’re instantly at peace in the large open space. Soft whites, creams, bleached woods and pink make for an etherial environment to relax and help yourself to a cup of freshly made ginger tea.

The spa is known as one of Copenhagen’s best spas as it offers a full-range of treatments for your body, mind and skin that use natural products and expert hands that have been trained well in their fields. On a recent visit, I experienced a facial and massage. My facial was first, the “Black Diamond Treatment”. This unique treatment is designed to cleanse and purify your skin through a series of steps that cleans, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. The facial’s most interesting part is the magnetic mud mask which is magnetically charged mud which is placed gently on your skin, allowing it to purify your pores. After 15 minutes, the mask is removed by your therapist with a magnetized wand, grabbing hold of the mask remnants through a vacuum-like experience. It all ends with a deep scalp, face and foot massage – pure heaven.

My hour-long body massage was next. I was led down a dark hallways to a large room where I tucked myself under the warm blankets waiting for me on the massage table. For over an hour I was massaged thoroughly. Though it wasn’t the best massage I’ve received, it was acceptable and pleasurable. It relaxed my muscles and left me ready for a long nap. That is always a good thing in my book.

For an afternoon of pampering in Copenhagen, there isn’t a better choice than Samadhi.