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Cape Town’s Private Chef Gurus | Seasoned

Chef Scott showed-up to our beautiful holiday home, Villa Verte, in Hout Bay, Cape Town ready to take-on the day’s dinner – deployed by Seasoned, the city’s top private chef service. Known for their extreme attention to detail and willingness to turn each meal into an event, Seasoned is known around the city and country as one of the best private chef services providing in-house chefs that are trained in the art of skillful cooking and meal planning.

We had heard of Seasoned through a friend and had to try them out for a private dinner we had in the stunning home in which we were staying. The chef that was chosen by Seasoned, for our particular requirements, was Scott and he had cooked for everyone from celebrities to members of the Saudi royal family all around the world. His resumĂ© was impressive but his personality and technique even more so. Seasoned knew he’d make an impression and Scott got right to work after introductions.

The meal was multi-course, fresh oysters from the Western Cape with citrus and salt.

A myriad of flavors and textures mixed into the plate with pickled vegetables, jellies and crunchy quinoa.

Scott plated everything so beautifully with fried concoctions, smoked fish and more.

Seasoned encourages all their chefs to use the freshest ingredients that are locally sourced and it shows. The ingredients make everything pop and the chef’s techniques marry ingredients together in a way that makes the experience truly something to remember.

Scott introduced every dish beautifully and made sure each guest’s allergies and dietary requirements were accounted for.

Dessert, in all its chocolate glory, was my favorite dish.

Seasoned made the task of hiring a private chef easy and comfortable, taking the hassle out of it. Everything is handled and easy – all you have to focus on is what you’re eating and enjoying that day or evening. In fact, aside from private chefs, Seasoned also provides waiters, bartenders, nannies and other hospitality-related staff to make your stay in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban better. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your stay to another level.