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A Visit To Seligenstadt’s Charming Town And Its Preserved Benedictine Abbey

Seligenstadt is probably one of Germany’s most beautiful towns. The perfect representation of what one would hope for in a German village, the town offers visitors charming squares, a beautiful riverfront, half-timbered buildings, a basilica and an ancient abbey. The cultural traditions are rich in Seligenstadt, seen during the boisterous Geleitsfest.

My favorite part of this town was the simplicity of strolling through its beautiful streets and lanes. You can see the history and artistry which is found in the architecture. Looking-up it’s not uncommon to witness golden hued carvings in the gables of homes, colorful windowpanes and expertly laid stone walkways into hidden gardens.

One of my favorite sites in Seligenstadt was the former Benedictine abbey. The original abbey of monks is now a museum where visitors can see the living spaces, library and apothecary of the abbey as it once looked. Original paintings, books and furniture still reside within its walls. The apothecary was a favorite, dressed as it might have looked hundreds of years ago.

Seligenstadt is a special place – unlike any other I’ve witnessed in Germany. If my German language skills were a little better, I just might want to set-up shop and never leave.