What To Experience In Marrakech | The Arabian Horses At Le Palais Selman

On site at the beautiful Le Palais Selman in Marrakech, lies two of the most beautiful Andalusian-style stables, designed by Jacques Garcia, where thoroughbred Arabian horses engage in a beautiful ballet for their guests’ enjoyment. A private breeding program run by the hotel is responsible for these fabulous creatures, their coats black, white and chestnut shining intensely in the desert sun. As a guest of the property, or for those staying elsewhere, you can organize a private show where the master trainers will encourage the horses to rear, leap and pose for you to witness their majesty.

As this is a private experience, it can be tailor-made to your enjoyment. You can opt to spend time with the horses in the stable or have a breakfast in the nearby fountain while watching the show. After, see the caretakers hose the horses down for a cool break – which they love. There simply isn’t another experience like this in Marrakech. Whether you’re a horse lover or not – you will be impressed with the sheer beauty and gentleness of these creatures that call The Selman home.