What To Do In Marrakech | Tea Time At Le Palais Selman

Finding an experience that is totally unique and beautiful in Marrakech isn’t hard, but add “magical” and there is one event that stands out – tea at Le Palais Selman. The Selman offers guests a moment of serenity near their incredible spa in an effort to bring you into the moment and allow you to enjoy traditional Moroccan tea in the most luxurious way. The staff can organize a private seating area overlooking two reflecting pools and beyond to the desert palms. Set amongst antique rugs and seats, a small station with mint tea, dates, pastries, fruit and nuts await. A Moroccan player sits nearby and sings softly – his voice carried over the night breeze.

This experience is a perfect gesture for a loved one or even yourself as a special treat. The Selman has a way of elevating things to another level, and that is what you’ll find through their tea experience.