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The World’s Most Decadent Luxury Fragrance | Serge Lutens’ Veilleur de nuit

serge lutens - Veilleur de nuit

Serge Lutens, the boutique French fragrance brand known for its extreme attention to detail and unwavering quest for the world’s most exotic ingredients that concoct their beloved scents, offers one of our personal favorites, Veilleur de Nuit. A luxurious choice and a part of their limited Section D’Or, this fragrance screams decadence, yet is incredibly wearable, year-round.

Composed like a complex work of music, the fragrance opens with notes of cacao, vetiver and civet (a musky, animalistic note), tuberose, castoreum and musk. But, chocolate prevails. The scent goes on smoothly and dries into a pungent and attractive sweetness that will literally stop people in their tracks. Just a little goes a very long way, and it can be worn by both women and men.

Wearers might be surprised at the blue tinge of the fragrance (don’t spray directly onto clothing – especially white articles), but will be left wanting more. The scent is carried at select luxury retailers, like Barney’s New York, and is also available online through the Serge Lutens website.