The Seychelles Newest Private Island Retreat | The Four Seasons At Desroches Island

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Cast away on an island in the most Southern reaches of the African archipelago of The Seychelles, lies the brand new Four Seasons Desroches. The private island is completely operated by The Four Seasons, but is owned by a private individual who also inherited a small Creole community native to the place. So, as a guest here, you can indulge in a stunning, five-star property, take-in a little culture and walk with ancient, giant tortoises that roam free in the forests.

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The Four Seasons at Desroches Island is special – there’s no doubt. It’s located about an hour flight on a privately chartered plane from the capital island of Mahé.

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The journey is easy, as The Four Seasons has staff at the international airport who will help you get to the right terminal and board the plane for your flight. And, after a short jaunt, paradise.

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I stayed here for three nights. My stay was supposed to be two evenings, but I lucked-out when my flight was cancelled back to Mahé due to weather. Another night for me meant more relaxation and more time to take-in this gorgeous place. Landing on Desroches, is very different than landing on Mahé. Desroches is flat, as compared to Mahé’s hills and mountains. But, on this flat island, you have endless beaches and little areas to get lost. Upon landing, I was welcomed by a row of staff on the airstrip waving at the plane as we flew in. I deplaned and was instantly met with smiles and handshakes, a hot towel and cold beverage.

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After a speedy check-in I was taken right to my villa. The villas here are mostly situated directly on the beach, which, you have all to yourself. The white sand is soft, the water is clear and the breeze warm. My villa took my breath away – honestly. The design and use of natural materials with a chic, African influence was perfection. The villa featured a large entry with living room, dining table and bar stocked with beverages, a Nespresso machine, fresh waters, juices, etc.

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The main sleeping area was anchored by the most comfortable king-size bed with luxurious linens, a private patio and a small desk. There was another room off the main sleeping area with an office and a smaller bed for a child or guest. Above the desk hung painted and hand-drawn postcards from the hotel. It was an elegant touch. My villa featured the largest bathroom “compound” I think I’ve ever seen in any of the properties I’ve stayed at across the globe. In the center, a large stone bathtub welcomed you in for a soak and on each side there were no less than three vanities and two washrooms, each with its own toilet. But, for those with a shower fetish – three of them were in this villa – two inside and one outside.

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I spent most of my time on Desroches learning about the island. I visited with the local creole people who live in the village, hand-fed the wild 300-year-old tortoise named George and walked every beach twice. I filled my days collecting shells, running after cute little crabs and sitting poolside in my private, elegant pool pavilion on the front lawn of my villa. It couldn’t get more idyllic.

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The food at The Four Seasons Desroches was excellent. There are several options when choosing a place for lunch or dinner. You can keep it casual with local dishes at Claudine, or actually run a brush through your hair and dress-up for The Lighthouse. I love them both, but The Lighthouse is my favorite – as it’s located in an actual lighthouse at the tip of the island. The ambiance is noteworthy. When you’re by the pool or by the beach, the staff visit you with menus full of tropical cocktails and little bites to nibble on, which, combined with sun and sand, make for the perfect afternoon.

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When my flight was cancelled a storm was rolling-in. I had enough sun at that point, and welcomed a few clouds to protect my skin from looking like a complete leather handbag. The Four Seasons was completely prepared with movie rentals, board games and much more to offer guests in case the weather turned. I wasn’t worried in the slightest and had an incredible evening, even with the rain.

The Four Seasons at Desroches Island is a haven for those who seek sun, sand, beauty, nature and the opportunity to completely disconnect. Everything is catered to you here, and they don’t miss a beat. It’s worth the journey, it’s worth the price tag and I promise it will be one of the most memorable trips of your life.